About me

My name is Rex Dean. 

I was born in Phoenix, toddled in Kansas, and spent my high school years -- one of nine kids -- on a farm in Colorado, playing football and singing with my dance/cover band. In college I fell in love with both the "American Songbook" of jazz, swing, and Broadway tunes, and (thanks to a PBS special on Pavarotti) the "World Songbook" of Italian and French opera. I have had the pleasure of singing at the Montreux Jazz Festival, for Princess Grace, Leonard Bernstein, and Ella Fitzgerald, among others. I've emceed and performed in over a hundred concerts, mostly when I was younger.  

My interests are somewhat eclectic. I've designed software, published articles and photographs, chased cattle, written and directed short films and commercials, shingled roofs, developed xrays, made mosaics, laid bricks, created robotic machines, worked as a plumber, restored old cars, painted paintings, sewed, made furniture, and...you get the idea. Looking back over my life, I realized what I enjoyed most, and found most gratifying, were three things:  1) being a dad, 2) singing, and 3) working with nonprofits, whether producing benefit concerts, writing business plans, or directing fundraising films. I plan to spend my remaining years doing these three things. The people I admire most are the givers, and my goal is to give the most of myself that I can, and with any luck, make the world a slightly better place. 

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- Rex